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3 August 2012
The diary of the first circumnavigation of the tall ship Sedov. Atlantic Ocean. 3 August 2012

Almost four days the barque Sedov has been sailing along the African coast. During this time the ship managed to overcome almost eight hundred nautical miles. Sedov makes a good progress in the schedule of crossing Atlantic Ocean. Northern tailwind speeded up the ship up to 10 knots, the pitching was absent, what have made our voyage as comfortable as possible

1 August 2012
Training to fight for vessel survival held on board of the sailing ship Sedov

The tall ship of the Federal Agency For Fishery Sedov has overcome five thousand nautical miles in the round the world voyage. Three thousand miles will be added on the way to Brazil. Transatlantic passage will take 23 days and will be one of the most extensive and complex in round-the-world voyage. Just the day before in Casablanca, the composition of cadets had changed on board the sailing ship. Newly arrived one hundred cadets had less than a day to explore the ship

1 August 2012
The diary of the first circumnavigation of the barque Sedov. July 27, 2012. Casablanca, Morocco

Low clouds and cool breeze with the lazy rain splashes. No, not that it seemed to be Africa. Morning more like in Scandinavia, and if not tall, placed on a flat shore, the minaret of one of the largest mosques in the world named after unknown to us Hassan II, it can be used to think that we are extremely off course

25 July 2012
Address of the crew and cadets of the Federal Agency for Fishery’s sailing ship Sedov to Russian team at London 2012 Summer Olympics

The crew and cadets of the legendary Russian sailing ship Sedov, which is circumnavigating now the globe, sent address in support of the Russian team at Summer 2012 Olympic Games in London

20 July 2012
The dairy of round-the-world voyage of the barque Sedov. Bay of Biscay. July 20, 2012

We make the holidays in the sea ourselves. Of course, the news are coming to us from the land, but our news from the ship are closer for us. Today we celebrate one year before finishing of circumnavigation

19 July 2012
The diary of the circumnavigation of the barque Sedov. July 6-8, 2012. Bremerhaven, Germany

The passage on navigable fairway in the shoals of the North Sea to the city of Bremerhaven takes several hours under constant surveillance of the pilot. On sandy tidal lowlands everywhere are seen resting seals accompanied by a «small naval aviation», a crowd of seagulls, which walked with importance on exposed sand. Then the seagull flew away into sky with white clouds like torn pages

5 July 2012
The diary of Sedov's round-the-world voyage. The North Sea

More than one hundred ships are wrecked every year in sea. This means that approximately every three days the bell at the building of the English Lloyd mourns the victim of the Ocean. But the death of the ship does not always turn with the death of seafarers. With modern level of communications and rescue methods the death of the crew and passengers can be avoided. It requires knowledge of the crew members and passengers about how and with what means to save

3 July 2012
The diary of Sedov’s round-the-world voyage. Cuxhaven, Germany

Cuxhaven is by German standards a small provincial town. In the twentieth century the town was one of the centers of the fishing industry in Germany. But the industry in recent years has been staying in serious crisis. The catching and the processing of fish were collapsed. The tourism helped to improve situation – Cuxhaven is visited by nearly three million people yearly

24 June 2012
The diary of the circumnavigation of the tall ship Sedov. Port of Kiel, Germany

The festival Kiel Week traditionally ends on Sunday evening with spectacular fireworks. But we will not see it, because at 17 o'clock we will sail to sea. In the morning as if lamenting the finishing of the sailing festival during all the day it was rainy

20 June 2012
Diary of Sedov’s round-the-world voyage. The Baltic Sea. Prorer Wiek bay

In the morning we weighed anchor, and after having announced three long whistles for farewell to the hospitable waters of the bay, we went out to sea. Associated wind made it possible to put the sails. The speed initially was near 5 knots, then reduced by a dinner, but managed to stay the same until sunset

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