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14 February 2013
Sedov sailing ship set sail for Hong Kong

Nagasaki, Japan. February 13. SEDOVNEWS – Sedov vessel which is belogned to Federal Agency for Fisheries of the Russian Federation, on its first voyage around the world set sail for Chinese port of Hong Kong. While leaving Nagasaki, Japan, Sedov skillfully passed under famous Megami bridge with gap of 7 meters in height

7 February 2013
Sedov sailing vessel arrived in South Korea

Busan, South Korea. February 7. SEDOVNEWS – Sedov sailing vessel, which is performing its first voyage around the world, moored off the coast of South Korea. Russian sailing ship has already visited Busan twice during trip around the world. On January 23 envoy of Sedov with Torch of 2013 Kazan Universiade took airplane from Busan to Vladivostok. Journey of Torch on board of the world's largest barque became historic moment

1 February 2013
40 tons of provision were loaded on Sedov sailing ship in Vladivostok

Vladivostok. 1 February. SEDOVNEWS – Sedov sailing vessel of Federal Agency for Fisheries is ready to continue the circumnavigation. 40 tons of fresh food-stuffs were loaded on board of Sedov in Vladivostok. Water and fuel were bunkered also

30 January 2013
Sedov for the first time calls at Vladivostok

Vladivostok. January 28. SEDOVNEWS – The world's largest sailing training ship Sedov on its first voyage around the world for the first time in more than 90 years of its history calls at the port of Vladivostok

21 January 2013
Sedov's call at Vladivostok is delayed for 3 days because of storm

The East China Sea, the Pacific Ocean. January 18. SEDOVNEWS – Sedov ship is sailing in the conditions of one cyclone after another one. At present time vessel is sailing first voyage round-the-world. It has been sailed only 500 miles over 6 days after the ship put out to sea from Manila. It is remained to sail to Vladivostok 1,400 nautical miles

11 January 2013
Sedov ship in Manila, Philippines

Manila, Philippines. 11 January. SEDOVNEWS – The two-day visit of Sedov sailing vessel in the Republic of Philippines is continuing. The Russian vessel is moored near the city pier. Today the gangway is open for all, residents, and guests of Philippines

9 January 2013
The route of Sedov's circumnavigation in 2013 has been changed

Director of the Federal Agency for Fisheries of the Russian Federation Andrei Krainy has approved the schedule of Sedov's training ship circumnavigation for 2013. In 2013 the Russian sailing ship refuses to call into the port Chennai, India. The reason is upcoming information about complications of epidemiological situation that taking place in this region

1 January 2013
Sedov vessel sails the longest passage of round-the-world trip

The Pacific Ocean. 11 December. SEDOVNEWS – Sedov vessel sails the longest passage of its round-the-world trip. The legendary barque is now heading for Philippines

16 November 2012
Sedov sailing ship: We Have a Large-Scale Clearing Up

Sedov ship in 10 days will call at the port of Papeete, situated on the island of Tahiti. The ship is sailing the first voyage around the world. Three weeks ago the barque set sail from port of Callao, Peru. Over one month Sedov will have been sailing in Pacific Ocean a distance of 4.3 thousand nautical miles

12 October 2012
Sedov sailing ship has called at port of Valparaiso, Chile

Valparaiso, Chile. October 12, 2012. SEDOVNEWS – Sedov sailing ship of the Federal Agency For Fisheries of Russian Federation has called at the port of Valparaiso, Chile. The three-day visit of sailing ship Sedov in this part of the world coincided with the national celebrations in honor of the discovery of America by Columbus. Chileans call this day Día de la Raza, Day of Nation

1 October 2012
Sedov sailing ship left Argentina and set course to Chile

In a day after coming into the Beagle Channel the barque Sedov will sail again near Cape Horn

3 September 2012
The barque Sedov will leave a mark in Fort Ross, USA

The sailing ship of the Federal Agency For Fishery Sedov will leave a mark at Fort Ross, California. It will happen in the framework of the international project Russian America

17 August 2012
Sailing ship Sedov has reached the equator

The four-masted barque of the Federal Agency For Fishery Sedov has reached the equatorial line in the Atlantic Ocean. Sailing ship drifted in anticipation of the visit on board Neptune, known as the lord of the Oceans and seas. Neptune is to give for each member of the crew a special decree which is authorizing the further sailing to the Southern Hemisphere

9 August 2012
Sedov is sailing in Atlantic Ocean ahead of time

Cape Verde Islands left astern. It remains less than thousand nautical miles before crossing the equator, the first time during the round-the-world voyage

5 August 2012
The dairy of the circumnavigation of the tall ship Sedov. Atlantic Ocean. 4 August 2012

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