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23 May 2013
Russia's Ambassador and Senegalese Prime Minister arrived on board of Sedov

Dakar. Senegal. 23 May. SEDOVNEWS – Sedov sailing vessel is on its three-day visit to capital of the Republic of Senegal. On May 22 in Dakar the representative of Federal Agency for Fisheries of the Russian Federation in Senegal Alexander Biryukov became one of the first who met Russian sailors after 20-day passage from Namibia to Senegal

22 May 2013
Sailing ship Sedov is preparing to drop anchor in Dakar

Dakar. Senegal. 22 May. SEDOVNEWS – On Wednesday at 8 AM local time (12 AM Moscow time) Sedov sailing vessel will begin registration of arrival at Senegalese capital, Dakar. The vessel is belonged to Federal Agency for Fisheries of the Russian Federation. «The registration of arrival in the port is long procedure in Dakar», said via phone captain Nikolai Zorchenko

20 May 2013
World's largest Sedov sailing ship has been attended by 100000 visitors during its circumnavigation

The Atlantic Ocean. 20 May. SEDOVNEWS – One year ago seeing-off ceremony of Sedov sailing ship for circumnavigation took place in Russia. For its first voyage around the world the sailing vessel set sail on 20 May 2012 from Saint Petersburg

2 May 2013
Sedov sailing vessel docks at Namibian port

Walvis Bay. April 30. SEDOVNEWS – On the first voyage around the world Sedov sailing ship docks at Namibian port. On the way from South Africa weather favored our sailors. Almost three days ship had been sailing under sails only. In 30 miles before arriving at Walvis Bay Sedov had been hove to. And work began, the crewmembers and cadets began to prepare ship to call at port. The captain Nikolai Zorchenko told about how went on five-day passage from South Africa before entering Namibian port

27 April 2013
About 500 compatriots attended Sedov sailing ship in Cape Town

The Atlantic Ocean. April 26. SEDOVNEWS – Sedov sailing vessel that is belonged to Federal Agency for Fisheries continues its first voyage around the world. After leaving the South African port Cape Town, training vessel at speed 9.5 knots is heading for port of Walvis Bay in Namibia. This state will be the fourth, which crewmembers and cadets of Sedov will visit on African continent

23 April 2013
Cinema festival «Sea calling 2013» in St. Petersburg was opened by photo exhibition of Sedov vessel's round-the-world voyage

The exhibition consists of photographes made by participants during circumnavigation of the globe

19 April 2013
Sedov is sailing in storm at the junction of two Oceans

The Indian Ocean. April 19. SEDOVNEWS – On the first voyage round the world Sedov sailing vessel is approaching the southern tip of Africa, Cape Agulhas

12 April 2013
Sedov sailing ship's crew congratulated the crew of the International Space Station

The message reads, in part: «Dear friends! On behalf of the crew of the largest sailing training four-masted barque Sedov I warmly and heartily congratulate you on Cosmonautics Day!»

10 April 2013
Pallada and Sedov sailing ships met near Mauritius

Russian frigate Pallada arrived in Mauritius, informed RIA Novosti

9 April 2013
Sedov barque left Mauritius and set sail for South Africa

World's famous Russian sailing ship Sedov on its first circumnavigation on Monday left the capital of Mauritius, Port Louis, and set sail for South Africa, Cape Town, representative of the Federal Agency for Fisheries Liubov Elkina told RIA Novosti on Tuesday

8 April 2013
In Mauritius President climbed on board of Sedov sailing ship

The sailors of Sedov ship came ashore after 28 days of sailing. The vessel arrived in Mauritius which is located in East Africa. The same day the President of Mauritius climbed on board the vessel

2 April 2013
Sedov's crew is ready to help injured people in Mauritius

Russian ship Sedov that is sailing the first circumnavigation is located in hundred miles from capital of the island mostly affected by floods

22 March 2013
Sedov sailing ship joins world action Earth Hour

Sedov vessel on first voyage around the world, on March 23 joins an environmental action Earth Hour. The ship will sail all day just under sails. In addition, the power on board will be switched off for an hour

26 February 2013
Sedov sailing ship in Hong Kong was attended by more than 21 thousand visitors

Previous record was set in July 2012 in French city Brest, which the vessel visited after 10-year break because of arrest of Russian vessel in 2000. There, in Brest, more than 19 thousand people climbed on board over two days of stay

21 February 2013
Sedov sailing ship calls at Hong Kong port

Sedov sailing ship calls at port of Hong Kong. The vessel is belonged to Federal Agency for Fisheries. Sedov is performing the first circumnavigation. The visit to Hong Kong, so called administrative district in Southeast China, was preceded by big tidying up on ship

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