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10 July 2013
Sedov sailing training ship put out from Hamburg and set course to St. Petersburg

Hamburg, Germany. 9 July. SEDOVNEWS – Sedov sailing training ship has put out from port of Hamburg, Germany. Events honouring Lions Clubs International's 96th meeting were held in this largest port of Europe from 5 to 9 July. Lions Clubs International is the worldwide single public service club organisation which entered UN

9 July 2013
Sedov Russian sailing training ship sets sail for last stage of round-the-world voyage, from Hamburg to St. Petersburg

The world's biggest sailing training ship, Russian four-masted Sedov sailing vessel today comes out on last stage of round-the-world voyage, from Hamburg to St. Petersburg. The sailing ship is performing circumnavigation of the globe

6 July 2013
The crew of Sedov sailing ship sent greetings to guests and participants of Kazan 2013 Universiade

Dear friends! The moment of opening of Summer Universiade is coming. This Universiade has been awaited for a long time, and we prepared to it thoroughly. Several hours remain before the Touch of world sport forum will be lit up, and true sport holiday will begin

5 July 2013
For the first time the parade on Sedov ship's yards will be presented in Russia

4 July. SEDOVNEWS – Slightly more than two weeks remain before Sedov ship will return from first circumnavigation of the globe. The legendary barque is staying now in Germany, Hamburg. Stay in one of the biggest port in Europe will become last before courageous seafarers will return to Russia. Meeting with Fatherland is awaited on the sailing vessel since 14 months, and preparation for encounter is fully going on

3 July 2013
Together with Sedov sailing training ship Mumiy Troll Russian band is returning from round-the-world voyage

2 July. SEDOVNEWS – The encounter ceremony of participators of the first voyage around the world on Sedov sailing ship will be held in St Petersburg on July 20. The ceremony of launching circumnavigation of the globe took place from Russia's marine capital on May 20 2012. That day Mumiy Troll Russian rock band left native shores in order to record new album during round-the-world trip that has been continuing 14 months. For Mumiy Troll rock band it became a real musical diplomatic voyage

2 July 2013
After Kiel Week 2013 Sedov sailing vessel heads for Hamburg

1 July. SEDOVNEWS – After staying as guest at famous Kiel Week Sedov sailing vessel set course for German port Hamburg. Sedov ship is now performing first circumnavigation of the globe. According to captain Nikolai Zorchenko, Russian seafarers were met in Kiel as relatives. «The organizers of festival gave to Sedov flag of Kiel Week, and officially invited Sedov to take part in festival in summer 2014», said via phone captain Zorchenko

1 July 2013
Sedov sailing vessel heads for Hamburg, last foreign port of its circumnavigation

Sedov Russian sailing vessel today finished its stay in German port Kiel, and set sail for another port of this country, Hamburg

28 June 2013
Sedov sailing ship has been met at Kiel Week 2013 by the volleys of gunfire

Kiel, Germany. June 28. SEDOVNEWS – Sedov sailing vessel has arrived at well-known Kiel Week. Sedov ship is now performing circumnavigation. On Saturday, June 29, Russian barque will take part in the parade of sails. The parade will be held in the framework of events of one of the largest and significant marine holidays in Europe

25 June 2013
Sailing ships' crews receive congratulations on Day of the Seafarer

Day of the Seafarer, or Day of the Sailor, is celebrated in the entire world on June 25. Decision on establishment of this international professional holiday was made three years ago. In 2010 United Nations member states signed resolution, where neсessity of special day for people of all maritime professions was underlined

20 June 2013
A month before return from voyage around the world Sedov participates in Sail Den Helder 2013

Den Helder, the Netherlands. 20 June. SEDOVNEWS – Sedov sailing training ship in the framework of voyage around the world has sailed into Netherlands. The world's largest sailing ship will participate in Sail Den Helder 2013 international maritime festival

20 June 2013
Sedov sailing training ship put out from Bremerhaven, Germany

At 3:30 pm European time on June 18 Sedov sailing training vessel put out from Bremerhaven's port, Germany, where the vessel had been arrived on the morning of June 15. The ship is belonged to Federal Agency for Fishery of the Russian Federation

15 June 2013
Sedov barque arrived in Bremerhaven, Germany

In the morning on June 15 2013 Sedov sailing ship has arrived in Bremerhaven again. Sedov left Bremerhaven one year ago

3 June 2013
The pilots of the Spanish Coast Guard and Sedov Russian sailing ship held training on evacuation of man from the ship's board

Vladivostok. 3 June. ITAR-TASS News and Information Agency, correspondent Leonid Vinogradov. – The pilots of Coast Guard of Spain and Sedov tall ship which is performing its first circumnavigation held evacuation operation of man from the ship's board

30 May 2013
Sedov ship will sail into Tenerife a day later

The Atlantic Ocean. 30 May. SEDOVNEWS – Sedov sailing ship which is performing its first circumnavigation will arrive at Tenerife in a day later. The way from Dakar the sailors had expected to overcome in six days, but wind which had been proceeding from the opposite direction, and ocean currents moved arrival of Sedov at the Canary islands in 12 hours. Arrival in the port was scheduled for 8 AM on May 30. Now the ship will come to Santa Cruz de Tenerife at 9 PM (12 PM Moscow time). Arrival in port is scheduled for morning on May 31

25 May 2013
Sedov sailing ship set course for Tenerife

Dakar, Senegal. 24 May. SEDOVNEWS – Sedov sailing ship on its first voyage around the world left the Republic of Senegal. At 5 PM local time (9 PM Moscow time) the vessel set sail from the pier in Dakar. Sedov had been staying in the capital of Senegal for three days

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