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25 February 2015
Sedov's captain has passed practical training in order to prolong validity of diploma

Sedov sailing vessel's captain Viktor Nikolin has passed practical training in order to prolong validity of diploma

14 February 2015
Sedov vessel celebrates 94 years

On February 14, 2015 Sedov vessel celebrates 94 years since its launching

25 November 2014
Captain of the barque Sedov passed away

On 23rd of November, 2014 Maxim Rodionov, Captain of the barque «Sedov» passed away

2 July 2014
Sedov is sailing near Italian coast

Sedov vessel continues her sailing in the Mediterranean. The barque is sailing now near Etna volcano

15 May 2014
The opening ceremony of the SCF Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta 2014 went on in Sochi

For the first time in history 17 sailing vessels from 8 countries have gathered in the port of Sochi, Russia, to participate in the Black Sea Tall Ships Races 2014. The regatta is organized by Sail Training International non-profit organization

7 May 2014
Sedov takes part in the Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta 2014

So the Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta 2014 started on May 3 at 4 p.m. local time. At 4:12 p.m. Sedov's stem crossed the start line. The sailing ship is navigating under all sails

5 May 2014
Sedov heads for Novorossiysk

On May 3 at 1 p.m. Sedov tall ship left port of Varna. This town is situated on the shore of the Black Sea nearly 500 kilometers from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Varna got its current name in 7th century A.D. after it had been entered the Byzantine Empire

4 May 2014
Sedov barque calls at Varna

It is not easy to be the biggest and most tall ship in the world. Because of the enormous ship's size, particularly the masts' height above the sea level, Sedov sailing ship had been allowed to pass the Bosphorus strait only during daytime. This finalized into time loss and delay in one day to beginning of the Black Sea Tall Ships Races Regatta 2014

24 April 2014
Sedov heads for Tall Ship Races 2014 to be held in the Black Sea

The stay of Sedov sailing vessel in French port Sete has been finished

22 April 2014
Sedov sailing vessel participated in the festival in French port Sete

Sedov spent a week while it has been participating in Escale ȃ Sete Mediterranean marine festival

15 April 2014
Encounter in the Mediterranean

Yesterday two legendary barques Sedov and Kruzenstern met in the Mediterranean Sea, the encounter happened in the center of Gulf of Lion

4 March 2014
Sedov's crew was awarded with decorations of Marine Board under the government of the Russian Federation

On March 3 2014 the ceremony of awarding of the decorations of Sedov's crewmembers took place on board of Sedov sailing vessel

20 July 2013
«It seems I'm happy, and not slightly!»

On July 20 the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Nikolai Fyodorov took part in the celebration honouring return of Sedov sailing training ship from round-the-world trip. The journey was named «Following Kruzenshtern's steps»

17 July 2013
Sedov sailing training vessel: three days left before return

Every even the longest journey is coming to an end. The round-the-world trip of Sedov sailing ship will finish strictly in accordance with schedule, on July 20, the same place where it had begun, on Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment in Saint Petersburg

12 July 2013
The programme of celebration honouring Sedov sailing vessel's return from round-the-world voyage

Celebration honouring return of Sedov sailing training vessel from the first circumnavigation of the globe will start on Saturday, July 20

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