Sedov sailing vessel celebrates 95th anniversary


On 23rd March 2016 Sedov sailing vessel celebrates 95th anniversary. It’s a great festival for the tall ship that is well-known all over-the-world.

STS Sedov celebrated its 95th birthday since its launch. Traditionally in Russia Sedov celebrates its birthday on 14th February. Meanwhile in Germany people celebrate Sedov’s launch on 23rd March. In 1921 on this day famous four-masted windjammer had been launched. It happened on Kiel’s shipyard. Today STS Sedov is a symbol of glory of contemporary Russian sailing training fleet allowing cadets to have their practice on board. Moreover, today Sedov is a memorial of the shipbuilding of XXth century.

Every mast of Sedov’s ship is a part of maritime history. The life of the legendary ship full with grandiose historical events.

To say that Sedov is a great ship is equal like saying nothing. And it is not only because the ship since 1993 entered Guinness World Records as world's largest sailing training ship.

Murmansk state technical university has been holding the biggest tall ship since 1991.

Always people meet the ship with warmth. Visitors gather along seaside because they want look at famous windjammer, and have an excursion on its board.

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