Russian barque Sedov continues sailing in the Mediterranean Sea


An autumn 2015 voyage of Russian sailing training vessel Sedov's continues. Soon STS Sedov will arrive at port of Genoa, Italy.

The Russian barque continues sailing in the Mediterranean Sea. Sedov has been navigating under the sails more than 300 nautical miles of the passage from Barcelona to Genoa. STS Sedov has been sailing in the Balearic Sea, the Gulf of Lion, the Ligurian Sea.

When Sedov had reached the Gulf of Genoa, the ship began to drift.

Meanwhile a party was organized on board of STS Sedov. During party the cadets celebrated their birthdays. They were served to taste cakes with jam and juices.

According to timetable, by 25 September STS Sedov will have been arrived at Genoa, Italy.

Follow on STS Sedov's track here.

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