Rector Sergey Agarkov visited STS Sedov


On 5 April 2016 rector of Murmansk state technical university Sergey Agarkov visited a tall ship Sedov.

The tall ship prepares for sailing. New voyage will start on 15 June 2016 from bay of Svetliy port in Kaliningrad region.

This will be 94th training voyage of the world's famous ship.

During meeting rector talked with a Sedov's captain Viktor Nikolin, and director of the shipbuilding plant in Kaliningrad region. It was discussed how preparation for new journey goes on.

Also it had been discussed, particularly, how the ship should be qualified for Russian Maritime Register of Shipping's requirements. The vessel put in the dry dock where it will be slightly modernized. Repaire shall continue till June.

Apart from the issues connected to ongoing vessel's repair Sergey Agarkov paid attention to the upcoming practice of MSTU's cadets on board the vessel. Possible routes of the upcoming voyages had been discussed. The rector was informed about all initiatives of the crewmembers. Approved projects and ideas will be performed in the nearest future.

It is expected that the voyage will be short one, and it will be finished in August.

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