STS Sedov before leaving a port


The first week when cadets stay on board of the sailing training vessel Sedov comes to an end. The cadets from Murmansk and Kaliningrad higher educational institutions will practice under the sails during an upcoming voyage.

Sedov ship's voyage is scheduled to begin on 5-6 July 2016. Earlier the first port of call had been considered to be Antwerp, Belgium, but later it was decided that the ship sails straight to the shores of France to take part in the international maritime festival "Brest 2016". The ship will cover 1600 nautical miles.

Russian vessel will weigh anchor in order to visit several ports in Europe during summer time.

Meanwhile the cadets adapt to live in compliance with the ship's timetable in friendly atmosphere. Early morning physical exercises help cadets to feel themselves fine. The discipline issues on board are discussing with cadets thoroughly. The boatswains clarify them the volume of ship's work.

Follow on ship's 2016 trip here.

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