STS Sedov captains

Victor Nikolin

STS Sedov Captain since 2014 to the present day

Victor Nikolin was born to a servicemans family on October 14, 1968 in the settlement of Zasheyek of the Murmansk region. The future deep sea captain spent all his childhood in the garrison beyond the Polar Circle. Sailing was the diligent schoolboys favourite pastime: for six years Victor ploughed Lake Imandra and the Upper Tuloma Reservoir on racing cadet centerboards. Having received the school-leaving certificate, Victor Nikolin went to the technical school in the town of Polyarnye Zori and graduated from it with honors in 1987 majoring in Heat and power equipment of nuclear power plants. Next Victor served in the USSR Armed Forces for two years.

However, true passion for the sea kept on haunting him: in 1989 Victor Nikolin started the Murmansk Higher Engineering Marine School (MHEMS) as a navigation department cadet. While studying at the MHEMS, cadet Nikolin wasnt lucky to get acquainted with the sail training ship Sedov: he had his first shipboard training onboard the industrial training vessel Boris Safonov a reefer owned by Sevrybkholodflot (Northern Transport Refrigeration Co Ltd). Having become a qualified navigator, from 1993 to 2004 Victor Nikolin made a career from the 4th Officer to the Chief Officer on board various large-capacity vessels of the Northern Basin. In 2004 the skilled Chief Mate started work on board the STS Sedov as the 3rd Mate: it was necessary to master the rigging and navigation under sail from scratch.

Owing to his previous experience, peculiar diligence and endurance, the purposeful navigator quickly bettered himself: Victor Nikolin made the second voyage in the rank of the Chief Navigator, and in 2006 he was appointed the STS Sedov Chief Officer. As the Chief Mate Victor Nikolin worked on board the Sedov under the guidance of such prominent captains as Victor Mishenyov, Nikolay Zorchenko and Maxim Rodionov and proved to be a devoted professional.

Victor Nikolin took command of the worlds largest sail training ship in November, 2014. In March, 2015 he put the vessel to sea after her winter repair in the port of Svetliy and the Sedov along with the other training vessels belonging to the Federal Agency for Fishery participated in the Historical and Memorial Expedition devoted to the 70th Anniversary of the Victory in World War II. Under his command the legendary barque safely reached her home port the Hero City of Murmansk in 2015. In addition, Captain Victor Nikolin successfully accomplished 2015-2016 training navigation.

Victor Mishenyov

STS Sedov Captain from 1994 to 2016, on board since 1974

Victor Mishenyov was born on August 01, 1948 in the village of Pozherevitsy of the Dedovichsky district of the Pskov region. In 1951 his family moved to the town of Volkhov of the Leningrad region where the future captain spent his childhood and youth. Not even dreaming of the sea yet, Victor attended the Volkhov nautical club, played water sports and modelled ships there, becoming prize-winner of the regional competitions.

From 1970 to 1974 after two-year service in the Soviet Army in the town of Baltiysk of the Kaliningrad region, Victor Mishenyov worked as an able seaman on board the ice breaker Ivan Krusenstern in the Leningrad commercial sea port, studying by correspondence in the Leningrad Marine School of the Maritime Fleet Ministry, from which he graduated in 1974 as a navigator.

From 1974 to 1981 the young navigator worked at the Lenrybprom industrial enterprise as the 4th, 3rd and 2nd Officer on board the STS Sedov. In 1981 the sailing vessel and her crew were transferred to the Riga Base of Trawling Fleet. In 1990 the skilled mariner was awarded with a deep sea captain diploma and in 1991 he was appointed the STS Sedov Chief Officer on the staff of the Murmansk Higher Engineering Marine School which at the time became the vessels owner by the order of the USSR Ministry of Fisheries. In September, 1992 Victor Mishenyov was appointed the STS Sedov acting captain. Serving on board the barque, he participated in a number of international Tall Ships Races.

In 1993 qualified as a deep sea captain for the second time, Victor Mishenyov graduated from the Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy, having completed the higher education course in marine navigation and in 1994 he took charge of the legendary sailing vessel. In 1995 under his command the Sedov won the The Cutty Sark Tall Ships Races international regatta.

All the seamen who luckily were duty-bound to work under the leadership of Captain Mishenyov, have always appreciated his true professionalism, moral character, extensive experience, incredible self-control, exceptional restraint and intelligence as well as unsurpassed ability to ensure safety of navigation.

In 1996 Victor Mishenyov was awarded with the 300 years to the Russian fleet medal by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation for his distinguished and faultless service.

Being extremely good at using the art of diplomacy, Captain Mishenyov was able to efficiently tackle a number of issues concerning the release of the STS Sedov from detention in the French port of Brest in 2000.

In 2006 Deep Sea Captain Victor Mishenyov was ranked as Honored Worker of Fisheries of the Russian Federation and awarded with the Honored Worker of Fisheries of the Russian Federation breastplate for his long-term dedicated work, for successful arranging and carrying out the Atlantic and Arctic voyage devoted to the 100th Anniversary of the Russian Underwater Fleet and the 130th anniversary since the birth of Grigoriy Sedov.

Victor Mishenyov has always been an ideal example to follow for the graduates of the Murmansk Higher Marine Engineering School, Murmansk State Academy of Fishing Fleet and Murmansk State Technological University. The valorous Captain made a huge personal contribution to training highly qualified specialists for the fishing fleet of the country, strengthening international cooperation, establishing and developing friendly ties and relationships with foreign maritime educational institutions.

In 2015 Victor Mishenyov made his final voyages (1-91, 2-92, 3-93) on board the STS Sedov in the capacity of the Captain-Instructor, sharing the experience of operating the sailing vessel to the appointed Captain Victor Nikolin, and then he commanded the training barque during her winter stay and scheduled repair in the port of Svetliy (the Kaliningrad region) before the annual survey by the Russian Marine Register of Shipping.

In March, 2016 Captain Victor Mishenyov hang up his cap and now the retired captain lives in the maritime capital of Russia the city of St. Petersburg.

Maxim Rodionov

STS Sedov Captain from 2012 to 2014

The last 13 years of his life were closely associated with the barque Sedov. He was a deserved Captain, wise mentor, reliable shipmate, true friend and an experienced navigator. Sincerely and selflessly he loved his job, the sea and the sails of the Sedov. By hearing a slight creak of rigging only, he was able to determine where the wind would blow a moment later. Sparing no effort and health, he was absorbed in his work: day and night, in any weather, he confidently sailed the ship, following the plotted course...

Maxim Rodionov was born on June 19th, 1964 to the family of a submariner, who served on Novaya Zemlya. The 2nd rank Captain Nikolay Rodionov determined the future of his son by his own example following in the fathers footsteps, Maxim Rodionov successfully graduated from the Leningrad Leninskiy Komsomol Submarine Navigation Higher Naval School. As a result of the job placement he started hard service in the town of Polarniy of the Murmansk region on board a diesel submarine. Autonomous voyages followed each other continuously and months of the service passed under the water. At the turn of the regimes, when the Soviet Navy submarines stopped operating, Maxim Rodionov retired and accepted an offer to be appointed the assistant dean of the Navigation Faculty at the Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy. He only had enough patience to work ashore for half a year exactly. In 1992 Maxim Rodionov radically changed his life by going to sea as an ordinary seaman on board the sail training ship Mir. Sailing aboard the Mir he mastered all the skills of a sailing fleet mariner and was a boatswain, a navigator and finally the Chief Mate.

In the capacity of the Chief Officer he joined the crew of the Sedov and in 2006 was promoted to the rank of the Captain of the worlds largest tall ship. Commanding the barque he participated in the 2012-2013 circumnavigation of the Sedov, repeatedly supervised numerous long-run repairs of the ship during her stay in the ports of Murmansk, Novorossiysk, Kaliningrad and Saint Petersburg. He made dozens of training voyages as the Captain of the Sedov, including the historical Arctic cruise in 2010. Maxim Rodionov kept watch on the navigation bridge of his favourite vessel in any latitudes rounding Cape Horn and the Cape of Good Hope, crossing the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Arctic Oceans.

Having safely accomplished the 2014 navigation, Captain Rodionov brought the Sedov to Kaliningrad for the scheduled repair in winter. And unexpectedly he suffered a heart attack, doctors werent able to recover him. Maxim Rodionov deceased on November 23rd, 2014.

Nikolay Zorchenko

STS Sedov Captain from 2011 to 2013

Nikolay Zorchenko was born in 1954 in the Novosibirsk region. In 1980 he graduated from the Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University majoring in navigation at sea. In addition, in 1990 he received a diploma of legal education at All-Union Juridical Correspondence Institute.

Nikolay Zorchenkos marine career started in February, 1975 when he joined the rapidly developing research fleet as the 3rd Mate. In 1981 he was promoted to the rank of the Chief Mate and in 1984 subsequently to the rank of the Captain. From 1993 up to now he has been the Captain of the sail training ship Pallada and commanded the Sedov only from 2011 to 2013.

Nikolay Zorchenko has been awarded with the medal For distinguished services at sea, the order For services at sea and the medal of the order For Merit to the Fatherland at sea.

Nikolay Zorchenko has gained a wide range of experience as a sail training ship Captain. In 2007-2008 he made a world cruise commanding the frigate Pallada.

Captain Zorchenko possesses supreme practical and moral qualities which are so much required to train and educate future specialists of the fishing fleet.

Nikolay Zorchenko is capable to excellently ensure safety of navigation thus saving human lives at sea as well as raise the crewmembers enthusiasm to fulfil a number of important shipboard training tasks.

Currently Nikolay Zorchenko is the Captain of the STS Pallada.